Custom Small Devices

Wasson-ECE is extremely experienced in designing custom sample handling systems, if the selection of off-the-shelf small devices does not fit the customer’s needs. Wasson-ECE is able to accommodate any sample type, frequency, temperature, pressure, or sample handling requirements. Some examples of custom small devices include but are not limited to:

Devices for corrosive or pyrophoric samples

This includes samples such as chlorine, pyrophorics, and samples that require special considerations or materials to properly handle for user safety and analytical integrity

Custom Auto-samplers

Wasson-ECE can configure a custom auto-sampler specific to the customer’s requirements for sample quantity, temperature, and material. Auto-sampler can be designed to accommodate both gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) samples.

Fluid Handling Systems

These types of systems are typically fully automated sample multiplexing systems with high purity orbital welded components.

Vessels and Fluid Transfer

This includes heated sample containment vessels and chambers featuring gauged interconnects and automated controllers