Gas Auto-sampler

The Wasson-ECE Gas Auto-sampler (AS100B) automates the sampling of multiple sample cylinders for analysis on a gas chromatograph (GC). The auto-sampler oven accommodates up to twelve 500 mL or nine 1-liter sample cylinders with a maximum temperature of 135°C. The software allows users to enter sample information, adjust software parameters, log sample injection times, and create data reports. The Gas Auto-sampler is a stand-alone device that delivers samples to the GC through a heated bridge, eliminating cold spots along the sample path. The system performs a purge and vacuum step between each sample injection to minimize cross-contamination (typically less than 50 ppm).

Accuracy and Precision

The Gas Auto-sampler ensures that sample analysis is not only faster, but also more precise, accurate, and consistent. In Table 1 below, you can compare the GC analysis results for 2 mL samples of n-pentane and n-hexane at 100 psi in propane. In the first run, the sample is sent to the GC from the auto-sampler at ambient temperature; in the second run the auto-sampler heats the samples to 130°C before injection.

Table 1: Increased Accuracy and Precision with Heated Gas AutoSampler
Unheated Sample
Avg. Area% RSD
Sample at 130° C
Avg. Area% RSD
Δ AreaΔ % RSD

The results show a 240% increase in n-hexane and a 72% increase in n-pentane when the gas sample is heated using the Gas Auto-sampler.

The Gas Auto-sampler improves sample recovery, increases efficiency, and prevents users from having to perform repetitive time-consuming tasks, saving time and money.

Product Specifications
  • Accommodates up to twelve 500 mL or nine 1-liter cylinders
  • Maximum oven temperature: 150°C
  • Heated transfer line to GC: 150°C
  • Maximum sample pressure: 1000 psig
  • Vacuum pump/gas purge to minimize cross-contamination
  • Compatible with Agilent 6890, 7890, and 8890 GCs
  • Compatible with OpenLAB Chemstation software in advanced mode
  • Compatible with alternative chromatography data systems in stand-alone mode
  • Optional: Specially passivated tubing for reactive components