Laboratory Gas Chromatographs
Fully applicated, turn-key solutions

A gas chromatograph is a powerful tool, but it’s not a simple tool

The capabilities of a gas chromatograph (GC) are unmatched in analytical chemistry. Unfortunately, a GC is a complex device with a lot of parts that need to work in harmony to correctly perform the analysis you’re after. GC’s are typically sold as “vanilla boxes” and the component selection and method development are all left up to you. You must do your homework to select the appropriate parts and add-ons.


Many specialized detectors to chose from when designing an instrument.


With thousands of columns to choose from, understanding the sample chemistry is key.


Adding valving unlocks more complex chromatography.


Adding additional thermal zones also allows instruments to perform multiple analyses.

The correct selection of each of these components is critical to end up with a system that does what you need to have done. That can take months of your time and leave you hoping that you come out with what you were after. And then comes the method development…an additional number of weeks to months.

Rather than lose precious time and take this gamble, many chemists prefer to purchase their GC as part of a turn-key solution. That is, they want to purchase the GC with all of the necessary components installed, with the method constructed, fully tested and demonstrated, and installed by an experienced chromatographer. This is exactly what Wasson-ECE has been doing for our customers in more than 45 countries around the world, for 35 years.

Instruments Designed Based On Analytical Need
We ask
  • What analytes you want to measure
  • Concentration ranges and lower detection limits
  • Sample pressures and temperatures

We design the turn-key system to meet their analytical need and prepare a quote that specifies system performance. These are not “kits” that “should work” if you buy them. These are proven systems.

Once your order is placed, we build the system, we run samples exactly as would be seen in your laboratory, generate test chromatograms, demonstrate lower detection limits, and instrument precision. Calibration strategies are detailed. All of this test data is supplied to you, before the instrument ships, for your approval. You see the test data before it ships – that’s a crucial part of the process that ensures that our customers are getting a system that does exactly what they needed to have done. An instrument-specific operator’s manual is then prepared, the system is shipped, and is installed by one of our experts in gas chromatography. Finally, we confirm that the analyzer performs just as well on your site as it did on ours and we guarantee the results.

The Custom Application Process
  • 1
    Describe your samples and analytical objectives to us.
  • 2
    We’ll design and build a system to meet your objectives.
  • 3
    To complete your turn-key analyzer, we’ll applicate the system and demonstrate the performance, to your specifications, for your approval prior to shipment.
  • 4
    The system ships to you, is installed by one of our GC experts, and validated at your site with your sample.
  • 5
    Your staff will be fully trained on the instrument and methods.
Wasson-ECE Guaranteed Results = Project Risk Management

The objective of any gas chromatograph is the accuracy of the reports it generates. In a Wasson-ECE GC Solution we guarantee the accuracy of the reports. We underwrite the hardware, the methodology, we supervise calibration techniques, we train as required, so that in the end you have confidence in the data you are providing to your company – data confidence is the true value of our partnership.

That partnership provides you with a resource. We know our systems and we can provide service but also help with any incidental questions that may pop up: new sample, calibration questions, operator training and the like. If your company has any questions regarding the data from your Wasson-ECE system, you can count on us for assistance.

When it comes to applicated gas chromatography, our track record shows that we are the best in the world. Give us an opportunity and we will prove it.
Custom Applications

If you have custom analysis needs, our sales team will work with you to design the exact system you need. Your turn-key analyzers will be built to your sample's detection requirements and guaranteed to perform.

200+ Industry Standard Applications

If you have an industry standard analysis to perform, it's likely we have an instrument already designed to perform the analysis. By selecting a Wasson-ECE applicated GC to perform your standard analysis, your instrument will be designed from the ground up to meet standard requirements.

In the case of commonly paired standard applications, applicated GCs may be able to perform the work of several instruments in one GC; saving you time, bench space, and money.