Dynamic Blender
The Dynamic Blender Provides Reliable Multi-point Calibration

The Wasson-ECE Dynamic Blender is a simple, portable blending device that dilutes a sample or certified standard with a diluent gas of choice. The device contains a digital mass flow controller (MFC) that allows the diluent gas flow to be easily adjusted. An inert flow path and heated bridge eliminate adsorption and condensation issues when blending gas standards that include sulfurs, oxygenates, or other reactive analytes. The diluted mix is fed directly to a gas chromatograph (GC) sampling loop for analysis.

Gas chromatographic analyses often require multi-level calibration or low concentration standards. Some analytes are quite expensive or difficult to purchase at low levels due to reactivity, adsorption, or high molecular weights.

With the Dynamic Blender, one certified standard can be diluted to create a full calibration curve. This eliminates the need to purchase and store several concentrations of the same mixture.

The Dynamic Blender provides an easy and cost-effective solution for gas phase calibration needs.

Product Specifications
  • MFC for diluent gas control
  • Accommodate dilution up to 2 orders of magnitude
  • Mass flow control range: 0-500 cc/min
  • Maximum temperature: 150°C
  • Maximum diluent pressure: 100 psig
  • Passivated sample tubing for reactive components
  • Compatible with any GC configured with a gas sampling valve