NVOC Concentrator for Beverage Grade CO2

The Wasson-ECE Non-Volatile Organics Concentrator (NVOC) accommodates the sampling of heavy organic contaminants, such as ethylene glycol and pump oil, in liquid carbon dioxide. These heavy components can be found in carbon dioxide due to leaks in pump seals or other equipment.

It is difficult to analyze NVOCs on a gas chromatograph (GC) as these components will not fully elute off a liquid sampling valve, resulting in cross-contamination and non-repeatable results.

The NVOC vaporizes the carbon dioxide matrix and uses a solvent to collect the NVOC residue into a vial. The sample can then be syringe injected on a GC for analysis.

Product Specifications
  • Includes calculation software
  • Maximum liquid sample pressure: 1000 psig
  • Maximum gas purge pressure: 400 psig